Lijian Eye Clinic

Doctors who have had
surgical experiences since
LASIK was first introduced 35 years ago
The clinic trusted and chosen by celebs, medical doctors and hospital staffs, foreigners, provincial residents
The eye clinic that prioritizes the operation safety and stresses utmost post-operative care


Former professors of renowned universities in Korea
With excellent surgical skills to perform surgeries on 100-year-old senior citizens
Certificates of proving eyesight correction surgeries and surgical excellence

Facility and Equipment

The operating room(s) separated from outpatient rooms to prevent infection
With functions of fast and consistent examination, delicate incision,
and tracing of accurate eyeball,

Ultra-accurate laser surgical equipment yields the safest and
best surgical results
The top model of Allegro Blueline
EX500 Green Laser
The fastest femtosecond laser system
Davinci Laser

Eyesight Correction Operations

50 examinations over 15 stages to check the health of eyes and
the surgical suitability

Diverse Surgical Methods for Eyesight Correction

  • All Laser LASIK
    All surgical procedure is done
    with accurate laser
  • LASIK with EX500 GREEN
    the state of art surgical equipment
    with the highest safety
  • EX500 GREEN
    Laser LASEK
    A laser operation combined
    with medicine treatments to
    enhance safety
  • IOL
    Implanting eyesight correction lens without removing corneas
    Aqua ICL, Artisan, Altiplex